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Product Categories
  • Perovskite Solar Cell Research Equipment Line
    Perovskite Solar Cell Research Equipment Line

    Perovskite battery research test lines are implemented by the following equipment: Material preparation:Magnetic mixer/Defoaming machine Coating film:Spin coater/Magnetron sputtering coater/Slot die coater Dry after coating:Dryer/vacuum drying box/Atmosphere furnace Roll the substrate after coating:Heating roller press/Automatic hot press Substrate cleaning/cleaning after spin coating:Plasma cleaner/UV ozone cleaner Email add.:

  • Lab Furnace
    Lab Furnace

    Tube Furnace, Muffle Furnace, Atmosphere Gas Furnace, CVD, PECVD

  • Glove Box
    Glove Box

    The glove box can automatically absorb water and oxygen molecules, providing a closed cycle working system for purifying the working environment, and an inert atmosphere environment of 1ppm O2 and H2O. Classification: 1. Water oxygen glove box (how many glove ports do you need?) 2. Stainless steel glove box 3. Acrylic glove box

  • Hydraulic Press
    Hydraulic Press

    Classification: 1.Hydraulic Press: Manual (2~60T), electric (20~150T), fully automatic (20~150T) 2.Heat Press: Manual (300°C/500°C) (12T, 24T and 30T) and (100*100mm, 180*180mm and 200*200mm), Fully automatic: (300°C/500°C) (25T, 30T and 50T) and (180*180mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm and 400*400mm ) 3.Cold Press: Manual (12~60T), Electric (12~150T), Fully automatic (20~100T) (Mould: According to the size you want to press) Hot PressHot PressHot Press

  • Ball Mill Machine
    Ball Mill Machine

    Planetary Ball Mill, Jar Ball Mill, Roll Ball Mill Machine

  • Film Coating Machine
    Film Coating Machine

    Lab Roll to Roll Coater, Doctor Blade Coater, Film Applicator Coater, Bar Coater

  • Incubator

  • Vacuum Oven
    Vacuum Oven

    20L to 1000L Vacuum Oven, Convection Drying Oven

  • Vacuum Furnace
    Vacuum Furnace

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Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited

Xiamen Tmax Battery Equipments Limited was set up as a manufacturer in 1995, dealing with Laboratory equipments, technology, etc.  We have total manufacturing facilities of around 2, 000 square meters and more than 100 staff. Owning a group of experie-nced engineers and staffs, we can bring you not only reliable products and technology, but also excellent services and real value you will expect and enjoy. We have our own manufacturing base factory as while as many sub-contracting factories, which enable us a reliable manufacturing ability and quality control system. We are capable of supplying both the equipment and technologies according to customers' different requirements and realities, and we have lots of successful projects in many different countries and regions, like East Europe, South Asia, America, Australia and New Zealand, and Africa. "Profession, Quick Response, Hard Work, and Sincerity" is the strength of our team, earning us a sound reputation among our clients. We are open and willing to work with clients from different countries and regions. We have a more than 20 years professional and experienced exporting team to supply perfect services for you. Certificate CE Certificate, ISO9001: 2008 Certificate Quality Management System Certificate   COST-EFFECTIVE Comes directly from manufacturer. Made in China. 80% land government subsidies   QUALITY ASSUREANCE Mechanized production All Lab Equipments Warranty:Two-years limited warranty with lifetime support   CUSTOMER COOPERATION Cooperation in more than 100 well-known universities worldwide, For example: Apple Inc, California University, University of Cambridge, University of Sydney and so on    

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